Данные для SAMP 0.2.*

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Передметы 1420-1620:
//1420=ac roof unit
//1421=2woodboxes with cardboard 1 on top
//1422=construction road-block
//1423=red and blue road-block
//1424=old metal roadblock
//1425=detour sign
//1426=bridge walkway
//1427=road fold-out thing with light
//1428=leaning ladder
//1429=ghetto wood tv
//1430=recycle-bin closed
//1431=5 wood boxes
//1432=round table with 3 redchairs
//1433=bar table
//1434=single road barricade
//1435=single road barricade 2
//1436=bridge walkway 2
//1437=big leaning ladder
//1438=8 boxes
//1439=open dumpster
//1440=5 boxes with 2 trashbags
//1441=5 boxes 1 open and a plank
//1442=ghetto unlit trash-can-fire
//1443=adult books and video sale sign
//1444=ferry sign
//1445=burger sign
//1446=green picket fence
//1447=ghetto chain fence with tin
//1448=little cardboard box thing
//1449=2 little cardboardbox things leaning
//1450=2 little cardboardbox things leaning with trashbag
//1451=chicken house
//1452=3/4 an out-house
//1453=squeezed hay roll
//1454=hay roll
//1458=china cart
//1459=construction thing
//1461=boat bumper thing
//1463=wood stack
//1464=bridge walkway
//1465=construction walkway
//1466=construction walkway 2
//1467=construction walkway left end
//1469=construction walkway-glass
//1470=porch corner
//1471=porch logn part
//1472=ghetto steps
//1473=ghetto ramp
//1474=ghetto ramp with legs
//1475=ghetto ramp with legs on left
//1476=ghetto 4th table thing
//1477=ghetto ramp with legs on right
//1479=ghetto overhang
//1480=miniwedding thing
//1481=bbq grill
//1482=ghetto overhang 2
//1483=ghetto lowroof
//1486=big beer
//1487=big beer 2
//1488=wall beer
//1490=frontyard ballas gangtag
//1491=8sqr door
//1492=green door
//1493=red ghetto screendoor
//1494=blue old door
//1495=old blue chain door
//1496=blue old barred door
//1497=metal bolted door
//1498=cjs door
//1499=big bolted metal door
//1500=barber door
//1501=old screen
//1502=classic wood door
//1503=box with tin as jump
//1504=red 6sqr door
//1505=blue 6sqr door
//1506=white 6sqr door
//1507=yellow 6sqr door
//1508=wide metal double doors
//1509=big beer 3
//1510=big concrete/metal dog dish shape
//1511=wall beer 2
//1512=whiskey bottle
//1513=candy bar rack
//1514=cash register
//1515=lucky dragon triple poker machine
//1516=small card-table
//1517=sqr beer bottle
//1519=construction walkway 3
//1521=avery construction walkway
//1522=store door
//1523=cluckin bell swinging door
//1524=frontyard ballas gangtag 2
//1525=frontyard ballas gangtag 3
//1526=sanfierro rifa gangtag
//1527=rollin heights ballas gangtag?
//1528=seville blvd families
//1529=temple drive ballas gangtag
//1530=los santos vagos
//1531=varrio~los~aztecas gangtag
//1532=247 shopdoor
//1533=burger shot door
//1534=chunk of warehouse window
//1535=safe house door
//1536=old push door
//1537=tatto door
//1538=old unused door
//1539=freeway overhang sign
//1540=double lane freeway over hang sign
//1541=bar beer push thing
//1542=soda push dispenser
//1543=pissh beer bottle
//1544=revolver beer bottle
//1545=bar beer push thing 2
//1546=big gulp sprunk
//1547=pissh label
//1548=ice collecter thing for bar
//1550=sack of money from caligula’s
//1551=big beer 4
//1552=weird part of warehouse open door/window
//1553=glass foggy window
//1554=concrete upside-down piramid
//1555=motel room door
//1556=yellow metal store-door
//1557=fancy door
//1558=forklift box
//1559=small yellow cone for person
//1560=247 logo door
//1561=247 logo door 2
//1562=plane chair no head
//1563=plane chair head part
//1565=plane light on ceiling
//1566=restraunt door
//1567=closet door
//1568=chinatown lamp-post
//1569=store door
//1570=chinatown stand
//1571=little metal stand
//1572=saveway airport shopping cart
//1574=full trash can
//1575=white sack of cocaine
//1576=brown sack of cocaine
//1577=yellow sack of cocaine
//1578=green sack of cocaine
//1579=blue sack of cocaine
//1580=red sack of cocaine
//1581=Millie’s scancard
//1582=hot pizza-box
//1583=gta3 luigi
//1584=gta3 misty
//1585=gta3 asuka
//1586=ammunation target 2 things gone
//1587=metal sqr with two bars sticking out
//1588=vice-city ammunation part 1
//1589=vice-city ammunation part 2
//1590=vice-city ammunation part 3
//1591=vice-city ammunation part 4
//1592=vice-city ammunation part 5
//1593=tire spikes
//1594=chess/checkers table with 4 chairs
//1595=big satallite dish
//1596=small satallite dish
//1597=palm tree street planter
//1599=yellow fish with blue eyes
//1600=rainbow fish
//1601=group of rainbow fish
//1602=single jellyfish
//1603=red jellyfish
//1604=rainbow fish
//1605=group of yellow fish with blue eyes
//1606=group of rainbow fish 2
//1609=yellow turtle
//1610=concretes and castle looking thing
//1611=top of this^
//1613=role thing
//1614=blue sign thing
//1615=yellow sign thing
//1616=secruity camera
//1617=air conditioning-makessmoke
//1618=skinning wide airconditioning-makessmoke
//1619=wall box thing?
//1620=air vent grate

Предметы 1971-4522:
1971 — kb_flykiller
1972 — kb_cuntopdisp2
2792 — CJ_AIR_D_1
2793 — CJ_AIR_D_2
2794 — CJ_AIR_D_3
2795 — CJ_AIR_D_4
2796 — CJ_AIR_D_6
3890 — lib_street09
3891 — lib_street08
3893 — lib_street05
3894 — lib_street11
3899 — lib_street04
3900 — lib_street12
3910 — trackshad05
3914 — snowover02
3919 — lib_main_bistrotop
3920 — lib_veg3
3921 — lib_counchs
3942 — bistrobar
3943 — mid_staircase
3944 — bistro_blok
3961 — Boxkitch
3962 — lee_Plane07
3963 — lee_Plane08
3964 — lee_Plane09
3965 — lee_Object11
3967 — AIRPORT_int2
3969 — BAG_BELT2
3972 — mon1
3973 — CJ_BAG_DET
4504 — cuntw_roadblockld
4505 — cuntw_roadblock01ld
4506 — cuntw_roadblock02ld
4507 — cuntw_roadblock03ld
4508 — cuntw_roadblock04ld
4509 — cuntw_roadblock05ld
4521 — CE_Flintwat01ld
4522 — CE_Flintintld